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Our History

KMA Attorneys, headquartered in New Delhi, is a law firm with litigation at its heart. We represent clients (both domestic and international) from diverse business sectors such as Information Technology(IT), banking & finance, real estate, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, media & entertainment, and logistics.

We have been providing consultancy & litigation services to our clients for over a decade of years on a wide variety of legal complex disputes. We frequently advise and act on behalf of our clients on issues pertaining to White collar offenses, Commercial Laws, Construction, and Real Estate Laws amongst others. For more information on our practice areas Click Here

About KMA Attorney

Our Team

We have retained highly-specialized attorneys with extensive work experience who regularly appears across all Courts and Tribunals in India. Our litigation practice includes commercial & corporate litigation; arbitration; criminal & white-collar crimes litigation; insolvency and bankruptcy litigation; debt-recovery litigation; succession, inheritance & matrimonial litigation.

We have dedicated teams of passionate, well-trained professionals in each of our practice areas versed in legal drafting, researching, and pleading/arguing to make sure that we are always ahead of the timeline and deliver only the best of legal services at every stage of legal engagement. Our experts from each team are always available to answer clients’ queries and keep them apprised of all developments in their case.




Why Choose Us?


In our 10+ years of experience in the field of litigation and corporate advisory, we have gained exclusive insights on the nuances involved in intricate legal issues that businesses often encounter.

Our clients have consistently benefited from our thorough understanding of the expected deliverables, the preferred legal way to attain those deliverables, the courts’ workings, the opposing counsel’s tactics, the aftermath of a legal matter, and the methods for effective legal enforcement.

Transparency and Accountability Towards Clients

KMA Attorneys is recognized throughout the legal fraternity for its transparent operations with its clients on every step of the legal proceedings. We discuss and review our fees with clients in detail to avoid any jolt and curate a payment plan that aligns with the client’s financials and case’s progress.

We understand that trust and reputation are two things that a person gets only once. Therefore, clients’ confidentiality and reputation are always our top priority. We maintain robust attorney-client communication and keep clients apprised of any and all the developments in their legal matter.

Holistic Legal Strategies

What distinguishes us from the rest is we provide comprehensive legal strategies to our clients at the very initial stages of the legal matter availing them an accurate estimate of the time, cost, and stakes in the legal matter. We understand the fact that in any legal matter, the reputation of the client is of prime importance, thus, our legal strategies are tailored taking due cognizance of the same.

Highly Specialized Team

Our team consists of attorneys who understand the clients’ business back & forth and churn out customized legal solutions for effectively resolving the dispute in-hand and reducing the possibility of any future litigation. We devise a thoroughly researched, bullet-proof action plan after considering all the factors of litigation and come up with the most optimum and lucrative solutions saving crores of cost and months of time to our clients.


In our 10+years of existence, we have served 124 clients from multiple sectors on all sorts of intricate legal issues. We have handled transactions totaling a worth of INR INR 171+ crores and have recovered a cost of INR 50+ crores for our clients. We have resolved a plethora of complex commercial disputes and tangled family disputes at the most optimum cost and time. We have drafted 1000+ airtight legal documents of all kinds including Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs), commercial contracts, Memorandum of Associations (MoA), Articles of Associations (AoA), business proposals and policies, legal notices, complaints, affidavits, petitions, etc. 

Legal Risk Mitigation

There is no gainsaying in the fact that all legal issues have a certain degree of risk attached. Giving legal advice based on a quick overview of the client’s problem can be detrimental and can exacerbate their legal position. Thus, we ensure that at the very beginning, our clients understand the benefits and plausible risks of the case in our proposed strategy, through and through. This helps clients make better-informed decisions and maneuver inter-linked factors accordingly. We also equip clients with the information on the merits and the red flags of their case, the costs and perils instilled in the issues, the plausibility of favorable outcomes, and what relief to expect from those outcomes.

Diverse Clientele

Having a diverse clientele avails us exclusive knowledge on the inter-connections between various industries and how those linkages can be utilized to circumvent stiff business blockages and mitigate legal risk for our clients. We go a step ahead of merely providing general legal services. We actively take interest in the growth and expansion of clients’ business by highlighting to them (via emails) potential business and collaboration opportunities with other clients in our portfolio. To give one example, recently, we connected two of our clients, a jewelry chain looking to open a new store with a real-estate builder negotiated the best deal for both of them.

Leadership at KMA

  • Kapil Madaan

    Head of Practice
  • Neeraj Kumar

    AOR Supreme Court of India
  • Saurabh Gauba

  • Gurmukh Singh Arora

  • Joshua Joseph

  • Amandeep Singh